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The Interior Motivation From Sinorock

Sinorock held a series of trainings in this month. The aim of these trainings is to improve staff professional skills and help staff to learn some new thoughts.

On 8th May, 2014, the staff of Sinorock attended the training meeting in the conference. Mr. Li gave us a presentation on how to use the office software and the relationship between financial and sales. Firstly, Mr. Li gave us the short and detailed lecture on how to use the office software. When he said an important point, he would write the key words on the blackboard. And he used the specific datas to let us know how to operate excel forms. He told us many useful skills that can improve staff’s work efficiency. Secondly, Mr. Li presented the relationship between financial and sales in the company. We understood that financial center is important to our company. He also explained to us that an enterprise developed a strong and big company need all staff united together.

On 12th May, 2014, Sinorock began to use a new foreign trade software. Marketing center staff attended this training meeting. This training meeting lasted three hours. Mr. Liang gave us a presentation on how to use it. Staff listened carefully and wrote the main points in their notebook. When we felt confused, we could put up hand and ask the questions. During the meeting, we could easily and cheerfully communicate with Mr. Liang.
This new foreign trade software has powerful function on making the invoice and other things. Salesmen can quickly deal with their works. It can save time and improve staff’s work efficiency.

Looking back upon this month, we have done many things on improving the staff work efficiency. We believe that an enterprise wants to have a long development, it should improve staff's personal quality and business level. We hope our staff have energy to improve their business level to serve customers.