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The Scientificity of Underground Infrastructure Construction

On the morning of August 28, natural gas pipe was punctured during construction of Hangzhou Metro Line 4, it caused natural gas leak out and brought inconvenience to people’s life. Although it didn’t cause injuries and deaths, this accident brought to people’s attention.
With the rapid development of city, buildings on ground are arranged in rows, people begin to explore into the ground and build tunnel, metro and underground commercial district, not to mention crisscrossed pipes and optical cables. These facilities make our life more convenient, but once an accident occurs, there will be disasters, property damage and even injury and death. So, it is important to guarantee the security of project, and the underground infrastructure construction should be scientific.
Take Hangzhou for example, it suffered metro collapse in 2008, Metro Xianghu Station water leakage in2012, Metro Line 4 cofferdam failure in 2014 and optical fiber damage in May, 2015. These accidents have brought people inconvenience, so people will ask: dose it have qualify for the name of “infrastructure” if it lose the most basic quality foundation?
Indeed, underground constructions are complicated and ingenious, but once accident occurs, consequence is serious. So security consciousness must be existed in every detail of explore, design, construction, survey and so on, workers should operate scientifically and formulate emergency plans. The quality of products should be checked strictly.
The underground infrastructure construction should be scientific, and it can provide people solid security defense.
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