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The Strengthening Technology of Self- drilling Anchors

Self-drilling anchor is a kind of hollow anchor. It can be drill pipe and grouting pipe as well. Slurry can spray from the bits to fill in the fractures and drilling holes beside anchors so that the self-drilling anchors can concrete with the solid together.
Project Introduction
In Nankun Railway Project, there is a road shoulder's retaining wall. Because of the geological conditions, the strength of this wall can not reach the designed demand. Under the effect of trains’ weight, the subgrade bed subsides, retaining wall cracks, and a longitudinal fracture can be seen, it affects the running safety. So, the reinforcement method of combination of self-drilling anchor and frameworks for retaining walls is applied in this project.
In this method, the framework was combined with the insufficient strength retaining wall by the application of self-drilling anchors, the integration of the retaining wall and the stability and strength of load retaining wall are improved to insure the railway straightway.
Based on the above engineering example, we can find that, the advantages of self-drilling anchors’ unify of drilling, grouting and anchoring can be seen under the condition of loose rocks. Also the application of self-drilling anchors can prevent the accidents that flagstones caused when strengthen structures. And self-drilling anchor can simplify construction procedure and improve working efficiency.