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World's Tallest Hyrdo Dam in Tajikistan to be Built

With the aim of reducing winter power shortages in Tajikistan and assisting agricultural irrigation efforts, Tajikistan planed to build world's tallest hyrdo dam in 2011. Recently, an Italian group has signed an agreement for the development of a $1.95bn first phase hydroelectric power project in Tajikistan to include a dam that, at 335m high, will be the tallest in the world.

The first phase, signed with Tajikistan's state energy firm Rogun Hydropower, will see the 335m-high dam structure constructed using rockfill techniques on the Vakhsh River, in the country's mountainous Pamir region. Once completed, the Rogun Hydropower Project will include six turbines and produce 3,600MW - as much as three medium-size nuclear power stations, and will double Tajikistan's energy production. Significantly, the project will also provide spare power for sale to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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